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Hard to choose from our menu? Pick our Platter instead.

Yemmek’s Party Platter is the perfect solution to a brunch or evening party with your choice of flavours.


One platter serves 5-6 (as starters) or 3-4 (for a meal)


Classic Baklava Box - 24pc

Classic Flavours Only
In stock
Product Details
Baklava Box Options: 24 Pc Box

A luxury gift box with 24 pcs of our Classic Collection authentic Lebanese Baklava made with the best of premium nuts layered between buttery phyllo pastry and baked to crunchy perfection. Perfectly sweetened to make a delightful treat.
You may choose upto 4 different flavours from our Classic Collection only:

  • 6 pcs each flavour if you choose 4 flavours
  • 8 pcs each flavour if you choose 3 flavours
  • 12 pcs each flavour if you choose 2 flavours
  • 24 pcs if you choose 1 flavour

Our Classic Collection Baklava:

  • Pistachio Diamonds
  • Almond Rose Solitaires
  • Cashew White Chocolate Solitaires
  • Walnut Cinnamon Studs

Our Signature Collection Baklava: (you may add these flavours in our luxury and signature box options only)

  • Chocolate Hazelnut Gems
  • Nutty Crowns
  • Cranberry Almond Rubys
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